History Of Napombaru

Manado fokussulut.com – Napombaru is a small island with white color of sand. This island located in Southwest Talaud. Napombaru comes from word of nawarua’na, the people in Talaud believed there is a mountain under the sea. It is seen from the smokes that often come out around the island.

Maxi Sasambera is a sachem of Wuralas (an ethnic in Talaud Island, Kabaruan district, exactly in Bulude village). Napombaru has very interesting folklore that explains how created this island.

According to Maxi, in antiquity lives a man who is a hunter. His name was Lawongo, he so skilled while hunter, he always gets all his prey, he also very great in playing flute, it was so melodious.

In her daily activity as a hunter he wants a woman to live with him, and someday he decided to look for woman, and he success find a woman who loves him. Their family are live so happiness.

One day, Lawongo goes to the wood and he not gets anything to bring home. When he arrived at home he falls asleep and dreams about killing his prey animal, after that he awake and finds the bed was full of blood. How shocked Lowongo while he see her wife killed. In the same, time he aware about his dream. Because that Lawongo was very sad and blame himself, so he decided to burry himself with him wife. He also requested to the people to bury his hunt equipment and a flute, so he can play flute for the people, then a hole on the coffin’s cover. Lawongo said: “If you cannot longer hear my playing, it means I am dead. And you would see a strange thing will appear from the sea, and anyone may not point at that thing and do not say anything”.

At the first night, they could hear her playing, and finally they could not hear it again. In four day, they did Lawongo’s request. They went to the beach. They all set down on the beach. Suddenly, a strange thing appeared from the sea. It was very big. They all were surprised. However they did not say anything. The things finally stop growing.

There is some mystical thing often happened in Nopambaru island. When the fisherman would go to catch the fish, and hear sound of crying that means they will get abundant catch. Otherwise, if they hear sound of laughing that means they will not get anything.

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