Wonderful Of Talaud

Manado fokussulut.com – Talaud regency has adequate tourism potential, so that the archipelago of Talaud called Porodisa creation or just like a heaven.

Talaud is paradise of natural beauty include, the exotic beaches, beautiful under the sea. So the Porodisa name given to Talaud regency. And this is the third section of Talaud wonderful places.


Patung Tuhan Yesus Memberkati (Statue Of Jesus Bless)

The statue of Jesus Bless is the monument in Talaud regency. This statue is located in Melonguane city, the downtown of Talaud regency that stands in front of office complex.

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This spiritual tourism object built at altitude of 100 meters above sea level provide a beautiful view of Melonguane city and also view of Salibubu island look like cleaved by the sea. And in the dusk you can enjoyed the sunset that go down behind Salibubu island.




Piapi Mount

Piapi mount is one of popular mountain in Talaud regency, located in Pulutan village, Pulutan district.

To go at the top of Piapi mount, you have to climb height of 487 meters. While climbing there are three rest post position to layover.

In the top of mountain, you would see the amazing whole regency of Talaud archipelago and a charming sunset feel like a fatigue disappeared. And so many adventure activity in Piapi mount.

Some of society there were associated the existence of Piapi mount with Sara’a island appearance. Just ask to the people there, they will be explained about it.


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